What to Wear to a School Dance

Dear Melissa,

What should I wear to my school dance?

Whether you're going to homecoming, prom, or a cotillion, school dances are the perfect time to show off your amazing style. Finding a dress that looks amazing and covers you is hard enough -- but when you add hair, makeup, and accessories, things can get hectic! This style guide will have some pretty ideas and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing to help you come up with the most dance-worthy look ever.

Your dress should be a dressed-up version of your personal style.
Try on lots of dresses until you find the perfect one.
If your dress doesn't cover your shoulders,
you can wear a pretty cardigan over it to add a layer of modesty.
The perfect dress flatters your figure, is appropriate for a lady,
and makes you feel like a princess.
Short dresses are fun, but floor-length gowns steal the show.

Accessories add the perfect touch.
Stick with one or two statement pieces to avoid a chaotic look.
Check out our perfect accessory style guide.
A pretty updo adds instant glamour.

If you're trying a new look, practice your hair and makeup before the day of the dance.
Match your lipstick and nails to your shoes for a red-carpet-worthy look.
For a fresh look, try our messy double bun.

 Do you have any advice for this lovely reader?


  1. Beautiful tips. I have always wondered out to keep modest when it comes to formals and dances! Thank you, Melissa! ♥

  2. This website has TONS of modest formal dresses! :) http://www.twirlprom.com/

    I agree with you, Melissa, about how hard it can be to find a dress that covers everything.

    Hope this helps! :)

  3. I have a school dance coming up and this will surly help me!

  4. Would a dress with a cardigan be good for middle school dance, or a skirt?

  5. What website did you get the picture for the peach colored dress with the bow from?

  6. I AM IN INFINITE LOVE WITH THAT STRAPLESS PEACHY COLORED DRESS! If there is any possible way I could obtain it, if anyone knows anything could someone please help me. I have my 8th grade dance coming up and I would love to wear that dress any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.


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