Fashion Advice for Top-Heavy Girls

Dear Melissa,

Do you have any fashion advice for girls with bigger chests?

It can be hard to dress modestly and stylishly when you have a top-heavy body type. Some tops will reveal too much, while others will make you look larger than you really are. I actually fall into this category, so here is my tried-and-true advice for anyone trying to balance their figure.

Wearing black or solid-colored tops is one of the best known tricks for looking smaller on top. If you're more of a pattern person, stay away from horizontal stripes that pull the eye across your body, making it appear wider. I've also found that wide-necked tops have the same effect. V-necks are more flattering because they pull downward instead of across, but make sure the cut isn't too low or you'll have to deal with a completely different problem. If your shirts show too much skin, you can layer a tank under them to help keep you covered. Avoid tent-like shirts that will drape over your chest and create a boxy effect. Instead, opt for fitted shirts that are tailored but not tight. When buying button-down shirts, look for one with darts underneath the bust line to draw in your waist. Shy away from sleeves that end at the bust line because they tend to hold the eye to that level.

Even your pants and skirts can make a difference. Avoid anything high-waisted, because while it elongates your legs, it cuts your waist in half. Flare, bootcut, or trouser-style pants will balance your figure. Focus on drawing attention to your hips rather than your upper body.

Another tip to get the most out of your look is to get fitted for a bra. Making sure you wear the correct size can make a big difference in how your clothes fit on you.

Always remember to make the most the figure God gave you. Many women pay thousands of dollars to get our body type. It's always nice to remember this whenever you feel down about your body. (:

Do you have any advice for this lovely reader?


  1. Can I just say that finding a picture for this post was the most difficult thing ever? Haha. I was like, let me just Google this...wait...that is not going to work. :P So I just found a pretty picture of clothing instead. ;)

  2. Lol, I know what you mean. I have a hard time finding pictures for my posts too! :)

    1. Yep! I love using Tumblr pictures because there are a lot of pretty ones. But sometimes I get to tired of looking for pictures and I just make an image instead. :P

    2. Now I need to make a tumblr :)

  3. thank u so much for this post <333 its helped me so much! :)

  4. hey,
    just a quick question....
    i seem to have the opposite problem. you see pretty clothes look baggy on me and can sometimes look like im playing dress up. how can i look pretty but also have clothes that fit

    can you email me ideas at:

    thanks soooo much,
    love Anna

  5. this one helps me so much! thank you very much :D btw, i'm so bad at fashion, do you have a kik? so i can kik you if i need a fashion advice ._.


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