Dealing with a Racist Friend

Dear Melissa,

My friend is very racist and makes fun of people's nationality and their body. What should I do?

God made everyone's bodies different. Your appearance and skin color do not define who you are. If your friend is making fun of people for things beyond their control, it may be because she feels insecure about her own body, or she believes making racial slurs is funny. She may also have been raised to view people who look "different" as people who are "bad".

Bullying is a popular subject today, but it can be harder to accept when your friend is exhibiting this behavior. No matter what, treating someone rudely or unfairly is bullying, even when the person is someone you're close to.

I encourage you to talk to your friend about this problem, no matter how difficult it might be. Do so in an honest, loving way. It's important to be real with her, but don't let emotions get in the way of coming to an agreement. She may be defensive, but this is a lesson she needs to learn before she seriously hurts someone. I would also suggest praying for her and reading our advice on bullying.

Do you have any advice for this lovely reader?


  1. I agree with what you said Melissa, that was really good advice! It also might help for her to become friends with a girl of a different race...that will definitely bring down some walls. Just an idea though. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful!


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