4 Ways to Make a Skirt Less Girly

Dear Melissa,

I wear skirts all the time. How do I make them look less girly?

It can be a challenge to turn a feminine item like a skirt into a more casual piece. With a little bit of styling help and creativity, you can wear skirts and look amazing without appearing too girly.

Pair with tougher outerwear. A blazer will add sophistication and business-class to your outfit, while a zippered jacket will make it biker-chic. Celebrities love to play with this, taking a cocktail dress or bubble skirt and pairing it with a studded leather jacket or distressed denim.
Choose the perfect top. Utilitarian button-downs have a no-nonsense vibe, while a graphic tee or band shirt will instantly add some teenage drama to your look.

Don't forget the accessories. A brown leather satchel, a funky ring, or layered bracelets add interest to your look. The wrong accessories will make your outfit clash, but the right ones will add just enough style to your look without going glam.

Shoes make the outfit. What you put on your feet will tie the whole outfit together. Cowboy boots are a fun Western choice. Oxfords add a touch of geek chic without being overly feminine. Converse go great with a band tee and will really take your look from high to low. Combat boots are for the bold, but can really make a statement.

Do you have any advice for this lovely reader?

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