Guy Advice: Why Is He Avoiding Me?

This guy I like texts me stuff like "u looked beautiful at church today" or "u r so pretty" but when we see each other at church, he avoids me. Does he like me? If he does, why does he avoid me? Should i tell him i like him? - girls for god fan

There's no way to know exactly what's on a guy's mind, but I do have a bit of advice for you. When your crush compliments you, it makes you feel special, right? But when he sends you mixed signals by avoiding you, it can make you feel pretty crummy.

So, does he like you? For now...it doesn't matter. Crazy, right? He might like you, or he might just be trying to flatter you for no reason. Either way, there's no point in pursuing a relationship now. Why? Because if he doesn't like you, he probably won't go out with you. If he does like you, he's not making much of an effort to get to know you better. Maybe this is his way of telling you he likes you, but if he can only let you know that through a text, he's not ready for a real-life relationship.

I was in a similar situation with a boy at my school, but I wasn't terribly interested in him. When he repeatedly complimented me -- never to my face, of course -- I just said thanks. That's it. Because if someone can't tell you those things in person, then he either doesn't mean it, or he's insecure.

As for confessing your crush-status to him, does it really seem neccessary now? If he doesn't like you, his rejection would make you feel awful. If he does like you, it would make you the only one willing to invest in the relationship. Either way, the situation isn't good.

If you want to be friends with him, go ahead. Just don't put too much hope into a relationship. If he decides to stop avoiding you, that may be the first step into a healthy relationship...or a nice friendship.

Do you girls have any other advice for this lovely reader?


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