Overnight Trick to Full-Volume Hair

Are you bored with your flat, lifeless hair? I was, too, until I read about an easy, no-fuss solution that I use every night. This is perfect whenever you won't have time to style your hair the next morning, or you're planning a big event and need more hair to create the perfect updo. Ready to try it?

This isn't really a miracle treatment -- your hair is always going to be your hair, no matter what you do to it. But I have course, wavy hair that just sits flat against my head, and this really gave me to lift and fullness I wanted without making me work too hard to get it.

  1. Apply a thickening cream to clean, damp hair. (I use Marc Anthony Instantly Thick. It gives me volume and shine for only $7.99.)
  2. Blow dry with a round-barrel brush to seal in the product and fluff up your hair.
  3. Bend over (upside down!) and gather your hair on top of your head.
  4. Wrap your hair around itself and secure into a top-knot bun on the tippy top of your head. (Not too tight!)
  5. Sleep on it and undo your hair in the morning.
  6. Bend upside down again, hairspray, and you're good to go!
I also use this trick for getting big waves or loose curls. Follow the same steps, but skip the blow-dry and just go to bed with a wet top-knot.

I really hope this works for you as well as it did for me. I love knowing I can wake up every morning and not have a bad hair day. If it worked for you, let me know!

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