5 Ideas to Brighten Your Bedroom

Looking for simple ways to redecorate your space? Small details can make the biggest difference in how your bedroom looks and feels. Here are 5 affordable, no-fuss ways to give your room some extra flair in a snap.

1. Pillows -- I love pillows. The more the merrier! Throw some bright ones on your bed or chair for cozy comfort.

2. Hardcover books -- Adding some beautiful "coffee-table books" to your desk or shelves is a great way to give your room a classic, timeless feel (and make you look smarter).

3. Fresh flowers -- While it's not practical to always have bright blooms on hand, an occasional arrangement can really brighten up your space.

4. Cozy rug -- Add some warmth and texture to your bedroom with a coordinating rug.

5. Mirrors -- Hanging mirrors on the wall adds dimension and depth to your room, making it look bigger and more interesting. (Plus you have more opportunities to look at yourself. Always nice.)


  1. Wow, I love these ideas. Especially the books :) I'm a major bookworm and have always wanted my room to be styled in a library retreat ;D

    Thanks for the blog, Melissa! Loved it!

    1. Oooh, like the library in Beauty and the Beast? I think that would be soooo cool!

    2. The library in beauty and the beast would be so much fun!

    3. I know! I wouldn't ever leave it. :P

  2. i love the idea about the pillows
    i have heaps of pillows in my room and my friends and i love them

    1. Pillows are so cute and comfy. You can't have too many!

  3. I love the flowers, they always seem to make me happy! :)
    ~ girlgrowth1.wordpress.com


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