15 Cute Ponytail Ideas

Looking for some easy ideas to revamp your boring ponytail? We've got you covered with our top 15 ideas for creating a perfect ponytail.

1. Curl your hair, then pull into a pretty ponytail
2. Try our casually elegant side-twirl
3. Turn your ponytail into a braid
4. Slip in a delicate headband
5. Add a pretty garland
6. Add multiple evenly-spaced elastics for a new look
7. French braid the top half of your ponytail
8. Twirl your bangs away from your face
9. Wrap a strand of hair around the elastic to conceal it
10. Add a girly bow
11. Make random braids for a boho look
12. Fishtail braid a few inches above the elastic
13. Braid your bangs and pin them away from your face
14. Straighten your hair for a long, sleek ponytail
15. Use a cute stretchy bracelet in place of an elastic

Which ideas will you try? Leave us a note. (:


  1. Luv numbers 11-13 :))))

  2. I love number 11 but i have really short layers how do i do it?

    1. It's hard to braid your hair with layers because they tend to stick out. French braiding will be better than a regular braid. French braiding is a braid where you continually add pieces into it. But you still might end up with something messy. If you really want to braid your hair, try growing out your layers a bit.

  3. i have thin hair how do i do 11?

    1. Try using various methods to thicken your hair. Apply volumizing mousse to damp (not wet!) hair, flip your head over, and blow dry the back of your hair, then blow dry normally. Don't forget to use a round brush while you blowdry. You might also want to tease your ponytail a little bit once it's finished.

  4. I love the boho braid idea! :)

    Katie Leach
    From Hope For Binati

  5. I love number 3, but i have layers. should I spray them, or let it fall out?
    I just think that millions of bobby pins look tacky... Any Advice?

    1. I think that braids should never look "perfect". They look best when they're messy and tousled, as long as they don't completely fall out. So for #3, I would try to do it and if your layers make it messy, that's fine. Then hairspray it so it won't be overly crazy. If your layers are sticking out straight, that's probably not a good look, so you can curl your hair beforehand with a 1-inch barrel. Good luck!


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