Winter Fashion 2009

Be prepared for winter with this trend forecast. I’ll show you how to be cozy and cute this Christmas.

Boots. Boots are in this coming season – really in! They are so effortlessly chic that I picked up 3 pairs – black, purple, and gray. I snagged the gray ones from Target at a fraction of the price for mall or designer boots. The boots in this photo are like what I purchased; the "folding" no-heel boots are a huge trend this year and instantly vamp your style. We’ll talk more about boots later, like: “What should I wear with boots?” and “How high should my boots be?”
Cowl neck sweaters, like the photo to the right. I picked up purple, cream, and gray + blue at Macy's. They are comfy and a great take on the classic sweater.
Plaid. Shop for red and black plaid shirts now at Macy’s. Since it’s going to get pretty cold, snag a coordinating jacket. Wear dark washed jeans.
White eyeshadow. When applying makeup, Blake Lively’s tip for bright eyes comes in handy. Dust some white eyeshadow on the inside corners of your eye (don’t get it IN your eye!) and your eyes will instantly wake up.
Matte lip color for women and clear shine gloss for girls with hints of baby pink.
Distressed dark jeans. Dark jeans can be dressed up more easily than light washed jeans. If you don’t want to fork over the cash for new distressed jeans, sandpaper your own pair around the knees and thighs. Jeans with holes in them are out this year for everything except climbing trees.
Thick long leggings and tights. Use these instead of jeans or pants to shake up your look. Be sure to wear a shirt that covers your rear!
Shiny dark nails. Break the black trend by choosing dark purple (I’m wearing some now). When the chipping is noticeable, take it all off. Don’t forget that basecoat & topcoat!
Bulky sweaters with skinny jeans or thick long leggings or tights will add interesting shapes to your look and will make your outfit more dynamic. Think like a fashion stylist! Try sweaters in blue, green, red, and purple with dark gray or black leggings/tights.
Sparkle lashes. The eye look with growing popularity is the glamorous shimmer mascara, with Covergirl Lash Blast and Rimmel London’s Glam Eyes taking the lead. Use these on special occasions for added sparkle. Don’t forget to stay true to your natural beauty. Brunettes should wear black or black brown mascara while blondes should wear brown or brown black pigments. Redheads should opt for a formula specifically designed for their hair color; otherwise, choose brown.
Natural makeup. The natural makeup trend is soaring higher than ever, with around 70% of women and teen girls saying they prefer the natural beauty style. Chubby pink lips, pinky bronze eye color, and rosy blush are your best bet. During winter, everyone wants that sun-kissed, running through flower meadows look that can only be found during summer, and you'll be the one setting an example.
Winter wonderlips. Curious yet?

Wish the weater would coordinate with your clothes? Check out the fashion forecast from Stylelist.com.

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