Leggings: The Basics

There are tons of different ways to wear leggings, which is why everyone loves them! This 80’s retro trend can jazz up any look. Let’s go over the basics; in the next we can look at all the fun ways to wear them!

- Leggings look best on tall girls. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t short girls who look adorable in them. Leggings "cut off" your legs just like legwarmers (another 80’s trend), making your legs look shorter than they actually are. So, a rule of thumb for any girl, any size, any clothing – try it on before you buy! Don’t buy something that doesn’t look good on you just because everyone else is wearing it.
- Leggings can instantly slim you. Seriously. It’s amazing. Petite girls look even more slender, and average-weight girls "lose" a few inches. Leggings are a great way to show off your legs without showing too much skin!
- You might need to get a size larger than your actual pant size, especially if you’re slightly on the heavier side. Back to our rule of thumb: no matter what size you are, try it on first.
- Always wear a shirt that covers your rear when you wear leggings. Ever seen the backside of a guy in a football uniform? Leggings will likely give you the same effect.
- Buy different lengths, looks, and colors if you think you’ll wear them often. Some have plain hems, while some have lace. Others, a bit more rare, have buttons or even beading. Basic colors are black, white, gray, and brown. It’s good to have a fun "pop" color as well, if you think you’ll wear it. Bold colors include electric blue, red, yellow, hot pink, purple.

In the next post, we’ll look at some creative ways to get the most out of your leggings!

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