9 Ways 2 Wear Leggings

Check out these creative & unique ways to wear any leggings!
- Wear with a long shirt. This is really flexible. You can create tons of looks with this one idea.
- Wear with a mini dress to add a touch of modesty. Forever 21 (like, the best store ever!) has tons of new dresses every year that could work with this idea.
- Wear with a denim miniskirt. This is a very popular look. For some girls, denim miniskirts make you legs look thicker than they actually are, so pairing a denim skirt with leggings fixes that problem. You can go for black or a bolder color. Of course, why would a fashionista like yourself go for common? Think of ways to make this idea more creative; perhaps you could use a yellow polka dot tie as a belt around the miniskirt?
- Wear alone (with a shirt of course). The shirt should cover your bottom. (Why?) This look makes your legs look oh so slender.
- Wear brown leggings with an oversized thin tunic-style blouse and fasten a wide coordinating brown belt across your waist to show off your figure in a pretty way. If you wear brown boots with this I’ll love you forever.
- Wear with a miniskirt to make it a bit more modest – or just because you’re in love with leggings.
- Try liquid leggings, if you’re a daring fashionista. And I mean daring. Most people don’t even know what liquid leggings are. Think the Matrix, except…cool. Isn’t it great to be in the know, just by reading Girls for God? Let me warn you: not everyone pulls this look off well. In the next post, I have Miley Cyrus looking amazing in some liquid leggings so you get a better idea. Basically, it’s like a shiny, inky legging. If that makes sense.
- Wear them under a medium/long dress if you live in a cold area.
- Wear with an oversized sweater dress. To make you look put-together and girly, wear a belt at your waist (one of my biggest fashion tips, can’t you tell?). A cute look would be a light gray sweater dress, wide red belt, and black leggings. This would work with long or short leggings. Flats or boots would look great with this – heels would be a bit harder to work with but the result could be amazing. You could also try this with dark purple or black instead of red.
- Think of more ways to wear leggings & post them in the comments!
In the next post, I'll show you a ton of awesome photos of legging looks for fashion inspiration! Stay tuned & tell your gal pals!


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  2. Personally, I don't like leggings, becuz they show your exact shape, and really, that's what guys want to see. They practically don't have to imagine what you look like, becuz your exact shape is right there for them to see. Does that make sense?? That's just my opinion.

  3. This is really neat! I love all your posts!


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