Fashion Inspiration: Leggings

From the runway, celebrities, or just a day around town, Girls for God has some great ways to feature leggings in your look by getting inspiration from the fashionistas around you.
Miley Cyrus looks absolutely amazing in this getup of liquid leggings and -- omb -- 2 belts!
Ooh, fun! I would totally wear this. Compliments of The Sartorialist.
Busy girl on the go! Compliments of The Sartorialist.
Another day in town. Compliments of The Sartorialist.
Cool, but the leggings make her look shorter than she really is by cutting off her leg. Nice otufit, but I'd ditch the leggings on this one unless it's really cold. Compliments of The Sartorialist.
Lauren Conrad for Bloomingdales in liquid leggings -- yes, yes, yes! You look beautiful, my dear.
Rachel McAdams looking lovely in leggings.
Fresh off the runway: long gray leggings with an interesting peasantish dress thingamajig.
Another runway look. I love it! That top is amazing. The only critique I have would be to wear taller boots so no leg skin is showing; you don't want to break the lines.
Not a huge fan of this look, but it's a good example of balancing a flashy top with simple leggings. (And a belt -- good girl!)


  1. Hmmm. I think they might be a little too suggestive for my liking. too sexy.

  2. Sexy? How? They cover skin that most people don't give a second thought to showing. It's nice to have modesty slowly creeping back into style.

  3. Yes, it is OUTWARDLY modest, but it suggestive in the way that it looks like skin, and it leaves very little to the imagination. Sorry if we disagree. But as long as we can agree to disagree, I think it's fine. Yes, it's good that it's covered, but there is a story that these guys went to a hotel next to a nudist resort, and they found it disgusting to see nude women running around. Researchers have found that guys don't want to see everything really. They want to imagine what is there. Thus, the power of suggestion.

  4. hmm...i agree w/ both Jillian and One Voice on this one. i think it can look really cool, but w/ pants, personally i think it looks...well, not the best look i've ever seen. we'll just put it this way. ;)

  5. Ya, I totally agree with Jillian on this! Leggings are just too tight. Really, I don't think they are modest at all, becuz even if no skin is showing, your exact shape is shown, and that just makes guys want to see more, if u get my drift???
    that's just the way i feel about it. :D

  6. I like this post! I am a merge. As long as it covers a little below your bottom, I like it! I just think they can be immodest when the shirts to short. If I wear something with leggings, it comes to 1/3 of my thigh. As long as it comes to there, they are cute! Great tips on "how" to wear them!


    1. I'm the same way. I usually don't wear leggings, but if I do, they've gotta cover my bottom. Otherwise it just looks awkward, like your forgot to put on pants. :P


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