My New Favorite Book!

Beauty books are so fun. But I -- along with millions of people all over the world -- have discovered the one must-have book that everyone is trying to get their hands on. In fact, it's sold more copies than any other book in the world. Yep, that's more copies than Twilight.
The book I'm talking about is filled with ancient wisdom and timeless tried-and-true secrets on all the things that are important to you:
  • beauty
  • fashion
  • family
  • guys
  • friends
  • more!

This book answers all your questions, like:

  • What should I wear tomorrow?
  • How do I find the perfect guy?
  • How can I help a hurting friend?
  • Why should I listen to my parents?

So, let's not keep it a secret any longer! Go ahead and get the ultimate fashion/beauty/relationship/life book now!

That's right. The Holy Bible. It's the greatest book ever written. All the above facts are 100% true. Whatever you're struggling with right now, God has answers for you in His Word. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a gel pen and your Bible and open your heart to what God is saying!


  1. I know you don't know me but,right on!!!!!The Holy Bible is the best book in the world!!!!I read it almost everyday!!!!!I am a very religious girl, and god is my savior!!!!He is the one that guides me through my ups and downs!!!HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. Gracie,
    I agree! Welcome to Girls for God! How did you find my blog?
    Keep on living for Him!
    Your Sister in Christ,

  3. woah! I love how you described the Bible! God's Word is totally my fav book!


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