A Message for YOU

This is a message for all you girls who want to be beautiful.
This is a message to all of you young women who want to be accepted. Loved. Cherished.
I write this to the girl who hopes to find her worth in the wrong places -- in her boyfriend, in her peers, in her job, in her money, in the way she dresses. Your worth is not found in these. No matter how hard you search, if you look to worldly things, you'll never find what you're looking for.
Your worth is found in Jesus Christ and Him alone.
JESUS defines you.
JESUS loves you.
JESUS values you.
JESUS gives you value.
JESUS is what you've been looking for.
It's all Jesus. It's not you. It's not any guy. It's not anything the media will tell you. It's all Jesus.
Only Jesus can add to your worth.
And only Jesus can help you discover it.


  1. So true, God cares what you look like on the inside not on the outside, and he is the only one who can help you find what you're looking for.

  2. Paws,
    I totally agree. This is a message that so many girls are longing to hear -- but no one is sharing it with them. Daily we are told that we aren't good enough, or that we could be so much better, or that we just need to buy this or that and THEN we'll be beautiful. So many girls fail to realize that these messages are just not true. The Truth is found in our Creator.


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