QUIZ: What are your JEAN-etics?

There are so many styles of jeans to choose from. Take this quiz to find the perfect pair that fit your style!

1. One word to describe your style:
a) classy
b) creative
c) trendy

2. Do you consider yourself “fashion forward”?
a) I prefer the basics that look great no matter what
b) My style revolves around “me”, not designers or trends
c) Definitely. Fashion is my middle name.

3. What color are your jeans usually?
a) traditional dark blue
b) light sand-wash with embroidery, sequins, or patches
c) blackish or a really bright color, like hot pink or electric blue

4. Describe your hair.
a) straight, simple, clean, natural
b) long and curly or short and spiky
c) just below my jaw, choppy and cute, or long and layered with side bangs

5. Let’s talk shoes.
a) simple boots under jeans or ballet flats
b) platforms, skater shoes, or sandals
c) trendy flats, glam heels, or skater shoes

6. An ideal day would be spent:
a) spending time with friends and family
b) snapping photos, writing, or painting
c) shopping

7. Your must-have fashion piece:
a) a charm bracelet or a pretty top
b) some really funky jewelry
c) bangle bracelets or a hot pink purse

8. Makeup for you means:
a) some sheer lip gloss and some pretty blush
b) I either don’t wear makeup or I go for wildly colorful designs
c) Black liquid eyeliner and some pout-perfect lip color

Mostly A’s: Boot cut Beauty
Instead of being trendy, you opt for basic pieces that never go out of style. You live by the rule that less is more and simple is beautiful. Boot-cut jeans are clean-cut and flatter many shapes. Stick with the same makeup routine, but add some natural mascara if you haven’t already. You probably look good in sheer pink lip, cheek, and eye color. You most likely understand the value of modesty and hold comfort and value above all else without sacrificing your pretty style. Invest in 2 good pairs of dark-washed jeans without elaborate embroidery or decorations.

Mostly B’s: Personalized Princess
Your sense of creativity shines through in everything you do. The best jeans for you are YOU-nique and show off your funky personality. Take up sewing if you haven’t already and make your own clothes. Personalize your jeans with cool embroidery, sparkles, or cut them up and make a jean skirt out of them. It’s all up to you! Remember to keep all your creations modest, because that’s something rare and unique, just like you!

Mostly C’s: Skinny Style
Skinny jeans are all the rage, so you must be a devout trend follower. Chances are your style will change as you age, but you have what it takes to land a high rank on the Best Dressed List. Your style is colorful but you also incorporate black into your look. You like to have bold makeup and usually focus things on your gorgeous eyes. Remember not to go overboard with the makeup and ask God what he thinks of an outfit before you ring it up. Wear longer shirts and make sure you can move around comfortably in your jeans.


  1. OMG!!!
    This is right on!
    I got mostly all c's and I already LOVE skinnies!

  2. Great! I love doing quizzes and they're usually accurate, so we'll be seeing more of these in the very near future.

    I'm a fellow skinny as well. ;)

  3. Mostly A's...totally almost 100% right for me, but on some I was stuck between A and B. :)Fun quiz!! Plus this is is my first time on the site and its a really good first impression!

    1. Yay!! Thanks for commenting! I hope you decide to stick around. I love my readers. (:


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