Want Super Strong Nails?

Follow these strengthening nail tips and you'll have Superwoman fingernails in no time.

When you trim your nails, you have 2 cutting options. You can have an oval shaped nail or you can have square nails. Square nails are stronger.
- To achieve this look, cut your nails straight across the top and round the corners slightly.

Healthy nails are beautiful nails! Remember this as you moisturize your hands and nails.
- Seal moisture in your nails by rubbing cuticle cream or hand/nail cream on your hands once a day. Pick one in a scent you love!
- If you're looking for a real treat, pour some olive oil into a bowl and soak your hands & nails for 15 minutes. Use the extra "You Time" to talk to God or listen to Bethany Dillon's "Beautiful" on your iPod.

Who doesn't love painting your nails?
- Choose a clear base that strengthens your nails.
- While you should always remove chipped nail polish, don't go overboard with the nail polish remover. Remover makes your nails brittle, which leads to cracks and unhealthy nails! Only use remover once a week if you have to use it that often.

I know, I know, you can't help it. Yada, yada, yada. I absolutely cannot stand it when people bite their nails. My little sister and brother do it constantly, so that's my excuse for being mentally insane. Break the peeling & nail biting habits now to let your nails grow back and be beautiful!
- Put a little bottle of cuticle cream or hand/nail cream in your purse. Every time you feel like biting or peeling your nails, apply the cream to your nails instead. Instead of gnawing on your nails like a hooligan, you're actually repairing your nails! It's a win-win situation to breaking this embarassing and gross habit.
- Try putting lemon juice on your nails. Some girls have found this doesn't work because they get used to the taste after a while. The solution? Don't put your hands in your mouth enough to get used to it! When the habit is broken, forget the lemon juice. If that habit doesn't break, try the above tip instead.
- Remember that a bad habit takes about 2 weeks to start and almost 5 weeks to break. Stick with it, girl! I'm with you!

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