Review: Target's Choxie Chocolate

Who doesn't love chocolate? Especially when it's wrapped in ultra-fab packages. Target's CHOXIE chocolate is advertised as "unique" and having "something for everyone", from "rich and creamy to peanut buttery". But is it too good to be true?
In May 2007, Consumer Report's testers sampled chocolates from three of Choxie's collections. "Each collection was different," they said. "It was very waxy. It was OK, but not stellar."
The Voice of Mom added about Choxie Flakey Truffles, "Smooth and creamy, these truffles have a delicate and soft chocolate taste, without being too sweet," but noted that they were too soft and melted instantly in your hands.
Taquitos reviewed that the inside chocolate wasn't as pretty as the box, but "the chocolate was soft and quite delicious."
The Girl Tastes fell in love with Choxie's many coffee-flavored chocolates but said non-coffee flavors were bland.
I recieved some Choxie truffles after performing in Pride & Prejudice and thought they were delicious. Rich, creamy, with a light flaky outside.
There are mixed reviews -- from bland to delicious -- so it's your call. Go to Target and try some Choxie for yourself!
p.s: they make pretty party favors and tag-alongs to gift cards for your friend's birthday...(and your mom will probably want some, too!)

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