Italian Natural Beauty Secrets

Italians know their stuff (after all, they invented pizza). I’m going to share with you 2 Italian beauty recipes that are all-natural and can be found right in your kitchen, plus a quick recipe idea to make with the leftovers. Let’s get started!
Roma Facial
Italian food would be nothing without juicy red tomatoes. Slice some tomatoes. Paint your face (except for your lips and eyes) with plain yogurt. Then cover your face with the sliced tomato. Finally, cover your eyes with cucumber slices. Relax for 10-15 minutes and throw the face food away. Rinse off the yogurt. Refreshed yet?
- Plain yogurt moisturizes your skin
- Tomatoes soothe redness, irritation, and leave your skin feeling wonderful
- Cucumbers soothe puffy, swollen eyes and give your skin a cooling sensation

Mediterranean Moisturizer
Olive oil is another key ingredient in Italian food. I’ve shared this tip with you before, but it’s so good, I’ll share it again. Soak your hands and nails in a bowl of olive or vegetable oil for about 10 minutes. Remove hands and toss out used oil. Let the oil seep into your skin for about 5 minutes, then wash off any remaining oil. Your hands will be a bit greasy for a while, but the end result is soft, healthy hands and nails. Voila!
WHAT IT DOES:- Olive/vegetable oil is an intense natural moisturizer that soaks deep into your skin

Recipe Idea
Did you know that Mediterranean food is super healthy? Use the leftover ingredients  to whip up some Italian food for your family. You can make a refreshing, light salad with half-pieces of cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, crumbled Feta cheese, and Italian salad dressing. Now how do you say "absolutely DELICIOUS" in Italian?


  1. Did you take those pictures yourself? Nothing bad about them, there just neat.

  2. Yeah, I did, thanks. We had some chopped tomatoes in the fridge, and I played around with the settings until I got just the color from the tomatoes.

    If you look at the olive oil jar, you can see that it is from the plentiful land of Albertson's. =D


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