Pantene's Hints for Healthy Hair

A Pantene beauty expert is here to tell us all about taking care of your hair – styling, fav products, and help with some common hair horrors, including: Why does my hair turn green in the pool? What can I do if my hair tangles easily? What if my hair is static? and more!

What if my hair tangles easily? "Try using a shampoo and conditioner with a higher level of conditioning than what you’re currently using, or a specialty treatment for additional conditioning. If your hair length is past the shoulders, be sure to use more conditioner on the ends."
Should I leave conditioner in my hair for extra softness? "Only products that specifically say ‘leave-in’ should not be rinsed from your hair. Rule of thumb? If in doubt – wash it out!"
What if I want a curly, smooth, or volumized style? "The key is to shampoo AND condition."
My hair is static! Help! "Get conditioner! Our hair is robbed of moisture every day by things such as weather and the way we style it."
I have blonde hair – and it turns GREEN in the pool! "If your hair is already green from spending time in the pool, use one tablespoon of baking soda with your ordinary shampoo or Pantene Ice Shine shampoo to get rid of the chemicals that turn your hair green. Then, to prevent color change in the future, use your conditioner or Pantene Ice Shine conditioner after swimming to keep your color true."
Any tips on styling? "To pick the best hairstyling tools, you have to know how they work. Wet stylers are for styling wet hair. They include mousses, gels, and serums. Dry stylers, or finishers, are used to fix, hold, and create the final style. These include hairsprays, texturizers (waxes, pomades), and serums."

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