A Note in a Bottle at the Beach

Hey lovelies! Checking out some interesting houses along the beach at the far side of the island. My hair is salty and my skin is so brown but no sunburns yet so that's good. I bought some Vitamin Water and some black liquid L'oreal eyeliner at Wal-Mart. It's been my dream for a long time to try liquid liner, and I can't even use it until I get home, because there is no point in wearing it to the beach; one wave and I'll look like a monster. I'm about to see My Sister's Keeper with Mom and Nana while Dad takes the cranky little ones to see Ice Age 3 (personally, it's time for the mammoth to die. I mean, the first one is really cute, but 3??) Ah well, who can resist another failed nutty adventure by that lovable er, small rabid acorn-eating thing?

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