The Distressed Look

You've seen the jeans in your favorite stores -- "Um, are these supposed to have holes in them?" Then the store clerk asks you where you've been for the past five years.
If the distressed look is catching your eye, here are 3 fashion inspiration pictures to help jumpstart your style, plus some of my fashion ideas to complete the look. Pick and chose to create your own unique distressed style!

>> This teen is wearing a bright red beaded necklace which contrasts with her blue distressed top, adding unexpected color. Her shirt isn't baggy but doesn't hug her skin, giving it a cool texture. Her mini-skirt is grunge-yellow and dark striped, again interesting with her top & jewelry. She pulls the look together with a worn belt and a simple, sleek hairdo. Depending on your style, it may be a little much for you, but you can add her ideas to your style without copying and looking too stylized.

>> Heck, these shoes go with anything. You could pull a Demi Lovato by wearing these with a cute short dress, or go for the more subtle yet equally cool casual look, wearing these black tennies with jeans, shorts, or a mini-skirt. These can go with almost any style, so even if you're wary of the distressed look, you'll still like these.

>> This grunge hoodie is great over a simple top or cami. You can even steal that jean style, too! Just get a pair of jeans (these are dark) and splatter them with your favorite color of fabric paint. This doesn't always go right, so it'd be best to get an inexpensive pair of jeans first to test it out. Your new jeans won't be any good for formal occasions, but they are perfect for an unexpected casual look.

More Distressed Style Ideas

  • - Instead of dishing out your allowance for Abercrombie worn jeans, distress your jeans at home with a sheet of sandpaper. Rub it on the knees and a bit on the upper thighs, wherever jeans normally get worn after you've had them, like, forever. Don't go overboard, though, unless you won't big tears in your jeans.

  • Your old pair of Converse or tennis shoes don't need to be thrown out. If they are still comfortable, try wearing them with your new pair of distressed jeans.
  • Paint your nails a silver-gray instead of black for a cool yet new look. While everyone else will have black nails, you'll be sporting something totally different.
  • Hoodies are great over simple tops or on cold or rainy days. You don't have to go all black, though. Go for a stand-out color, like red or purple, so that your hoodie can be the focus of your outfit.
  • Don't get your lips too glossy with this look. Although lipgloss may look good on you with the grunge look, most people aim for a matte lipstick in a more subtle, natural color, like beige or light pink with a hint of gloss.

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