Funky Nail Art

If details make the difference, then having beautiful nails is important. But what if you're going bolder, outside of the traditional French manicure? What if you want actual nail art? Here's a look at some of the coolest -- and craziest -- designs.
>> These nails are light and simpler than some of the other nail designs we'll look at today. You can buy nail kits to *try* to do it yourself, or you can fork over the cash to get proffessional help for your nails.

>> These nails are called "Why We Hate Nail Art". Tacky, tacky, tacky.
C'mon, are you really going to wear that?
The designer started with a clear basecoat as you should always do for dark polish. Then she painted the nails black. She dusted some gold polish on the tips. Then she got a pile of fake gems and splashed them over the nails. The result? Er, interesting.

>> These nails OK. I approve of them. They are more simple than the nails above. In fact, some of them are really cute. Just chop the length down a bit, please.
>> These look like a carosel. I don't understand. Why?? Plus, the more jewels and stuff you put on your nails, the more it's giong to come off. Think of all the things you do with your hands every day. Would these nails really make it through all that? I don't think so.
These nails prove that nail art is really that -- art. I mean, people have careers in this stuff. They went to school to learn how to do this! So, to some degree, nail art is fascinating. In another degree, it's like haute courture: fun, but almost unwearable, by no means practical, and not to be used off the runway.
I have a few more wacky designs to show you later, plus some simpler, more everyday ones that you can do at home. So stay tuned!

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