Lauren's Story

"Some of the most important things I've learned in life didn't actually come through my personal experiences, but through someone else's -- my big sister's. We're like best friends, so when she went through dark times, I went through them with her. And when she learned God's wisom, I also learned.
When I was 14, my sister was in her early 20s and had been dating the same guy for a couple years. It wasn't a healthy relationship, but they got married anyway. The marriage was filled with verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. I watched my confident, fun, outgoing sister slowly transform into a timid, broken, insecure person. For a while, she managed to hide the physical abuse from our family. But eventually the truth came out.
They ended up getting divorced, and in my sister's pain, she was questioning everything -- herself, her faith, even God. I stayed by her side through every step. She and I took long walks through the woods and talked about the decisions she'd made and the consequences she faced as a result. I just wanted to support my sister, but I ended up being changed more than I would've ever imagined. God's power to deliver people from even the darkest situations became so real to me. I was totally impacted by seeing how God carefully protected her, loved her, and taught her His truth. I'll never forget how much joy she experienced as God showed her how to forgive her ex-husband, healed her heart, and filled her life with His perfect, unchanging love.
When I started high school, my sister reminded me of everything she'd gone through when she was my age, especially the unhealthy relationship that led to the abusive marriage. She'd always say, 'Remember when I did such-and-such, and what the consequences were?' There were lots of times I faced tough situations, and the only reason I knew the right thing to do was because I'd learned God's truth together with my sister.
God has delivered me from so many close calls, just by bringing to mind the example of my sister or other people He's put in my life. I'm so thankful, and I never want to miss a chance to learn His truth. As it says in Proverbs 18:15, 'The mind of a person with understanding gets knowledge; the wise person listens to learn more.'" Lauren, a girl changed by God


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