Modest Little Black Dresses

Classiness is often the best look for a little black dress, so here are some age-appropriate, classy little black dresses. Your mom shouldn't mind you wearing them, and you'll feel like a star at a formal dinner or gathering.

>> This dress is tailored to be ultra-chic without showing too much skin. Instead of spagetthi straps, there are thick straps (which add to the chic look). A fabric flower adds flair to the right shoulder. The way the dress comes in a the waist shows off a small, dainty waist; one of the best fashion secrets ever. Instead of sticking to you, the once the fabric reaches the hips it flairs out just a bit, giving it a younger look. Wear it with black high heels or flats and keep jewelry simple.

>> This simple J-Crew dress is simple yet elegant at the same time. Whether you're 13 or 30 (or even older!) this dress may be the one for you. It comes in at the waist, like dress #1, but in a different way, seemingly pulling the fabric to the center. Wear it alone, or follow this designer's style by pairing it with a bold statement necklace.

The below dress is very simple yet flattering. It has a sash under the bust and a V-neck line. The sleeves cover your shoulders (and bra straps!). This dress is best worn simply, like shown, but if you are daring you can try to add some jewelry.



  1. I think the last one is my favorite! They're all so cute! I love it when you do posts like this one and the swimsuit one. It makes it so easy to find modest stuff. :)
    In Christ,
    Emma Jett

  2. Thanks! I'm researching more little black dresses. I've always thought that modesty shouldn't take away from fashion -- instead, it should add to it! If fashion is a way of expressing who you are, then expressing your respect for Christ, yourself, and your brothers in Christ is beautiful!

  3. They are really so beautiful dresses! You know many people mostly love black color, What a great pattern! Thanks for sharing!! Christmas Holiday Dresses


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