Resale shops, consignment stores, thrift shops. These are all places where you can find weird and wacky used stuff for super low prices. While you'd probably rather go to the mall, thrift stores sell clothes that aren't completely out of style. Sure, you'll find some weird dress that screams your great-great-grandma's prom ensamble, you'll also find some super-cute stuff that's totally unique, just like you. All you need is a sense of style and an eye for a bargain. If you dig, you'll find it.

The other day, I found a super-cute gray American Eagle shirt that fit me really well. In the American Eagle store, it would have been around $30-40, but in that resale shop, it was only $4. What a bargain!

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  1. My mom is a thrift store goo-roo. (in a good way) She thinks it's really fun. I on the other hand would rather go to a real store. Don't get me wrong I just got some cute stuff there yesterday. But the place is just so germy!


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