A Call from a Friend

About two weeks ago, my friend Rachel called me. She’s so awesome, and I really miss her – I haven’t seen her since last year. So, you can be sure I was surprised, excited, and happy that she called. We gabbed a lot, mostly about dead hamsters and riding horses.

I have 2 messages for you.

The first one: call a friend that you haven’t seen for a while. (And if your brother is hogging the phone, you can e-mail her or write her via snail mail.) Your friend will really appreciate how much you care about her.

The second message: you may be busy, or you may just not feel like praying right now. Whatever your excuse, Jesus is the best friend you could have, and don’t ignore him or put him off. You wouldn’t do that to your best friend, would you? When your best friend wants to talk to you, you listen. Do the same with Jesus. I know of used this example before. It’s just something that a lot of us face every day – talking to our friends, so it really gets the point across. Pray – get some good talking going with your bff (a.k.a. God).

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