Looking your Best

God does want you to look your best. The woman of noble character that Proverbs talks about “is clothed in fine linen and purple” (Proverbs 31:22). Purple, in Biblical times, was considered the most fashionable color – royalty often wore it. Not only that, but about her family: “all of them are clothed in scarlet” (verse 21). Scarlet is a bright red color, which can also be considered highly fashionable in Biblical times.

Now, this can be kinda confusing. So we’re supposed to look like supermodels, like we just stepped out of Limited Too or the cover of Seventeen magazine? Actually, no. That’s not at all what God is saying. God doesn’t care how expensive the label is on your shirt. What God is talking about is when you put on clothes that look good and feel awesome on you, that says, “I want people to see the real me, a person who deserves respect.” Now that’s confidence!


  1. LOVE this post! Every bit is so true.
    But, don't let "I deserve respect" go to your head. :)

  2. Okay, the person who is 'm' is Maddy. Sorry, I accidentaly (sp) clicked something else.
    Please don't publish that Melissa


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