Reflecting Christ

Look into the mirror. What does your reflection look like? A shy girl? A girl who wants to be "different", no matter the costs? A girl who can only wear designer labels? A girl who's mad at herself and the world? A girl who looks like Christ?

Ok, so maybe you don't look exactly like Jesus. If we're being ourselves, people can tell who we are. If you're a Christian, but you mask it up, like applying tons of makeup to your face, it's not going to look good, and it won't really be you. YOU are a beautiful reflection of Christ himself -- so, shouldn't you act like it?

If you find something good in every bad thing, if you glorify God with your body and mind, if you are kind to people, if you try to act like Jesus would act, then your joy will shine around you, and people will start to think: "Why is she always so happy?! I wish I could be like that!"

Journal Jots: In what way can you reflect Christ to those who don’t know you or Him?

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