Nail Polish Remover 101

As soon as your nail polish starts to chip, that's your cue to break out the polish remover and scrub the color away. Before you start, there are a few important things to know about what you're putting on your nails.

A main ingredient in nail polish remover is acetone -- the same stuff used to make cement and photographic film. Cool, right? It's extremely flammable and exposure to the vapors can make you sick. Of course, just like it can take the paint off your nails, it can also take the finish out of your mom's furniture or the color out of your jeans.

Another ingredient in this product is alcohol. This is found in many personal care products, but it is infamous for drying out your skin, hair, and nails. Because of the alcohol content, you shouldn't use nail polish remover more than once or twice a week unless you want brittle nails.

You can get nail polish remover in a pad or in a bottle with a cotton ball. For best results, soak your nails in warm or hot water before wiping away the polish. To rescue your nails after use, soak them in olive oil for 5-10 minutes.

DID YOU KNOW? Acetone is produced naturally by your body, but can also be found in onions and grapes.


  1. My friend's little brother once drank nail polish when he was little, thinking it was Koolaid. And gasoline, thinking it was Coke. But, he's all here today. :)


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