Simple Beauty: 5 Minute Makeup

Whether you're in a rush or simply don't like wearing a lot of makeup, this step-by-step guide is perfect for natural beauty in a hurry.

  1. Mineral Foundation - If you have good skin, you can skip this step. Mineral foundation is faster than the liquid variety because you don't have to worry about blending. Just sweep some over your face and continue until you're satisfied with the coverage. Loose mineral powder will blur imperfections without covering up your natural skin tone, giving your skin a healthy glow later in the day.
  2. Concealer - Gently pat concealer around your eye area to brighten it up and banish dark circles. Use a separate concealer brush or your ring finger -- it won't pull on your skin as much. You can also blend concealer into problem areas of your skin, like zits or acne scars.
  3. Bronzer/Blush - Using a compact with both blush and bronzer saves you time. Simply swirl your brush, tap off the excess, and sweep lightly over your face. Concentrate on cheeks for a healthy glow.
  4. Mascara - Mascara is essential for opening up your eyes and making you appear awake. Coat your lashes from the roots to tips, slightly wiggling the brush from side to side to prevent clumps.
  5. Lip balm - Lipstick may need a little more attention than you have time for, so keep your lips happy with some tinted lip balm. It will add a slight flush of color and keep your lips soft. (My favorite is Burt's Bees.)
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What makeup do you use when you're in a hurry? Leave a comment!


  1. I don't wear make-up at this point, but I wear Babylips Peach Kiss everyday lately then I add sun lux lip gloss from Mark, Avon over it. :) What about you Melissa?

  2. I always have mascara and at least one thing on my face, like powder. But I usually wear a full face of makeup. I like to take my time. (:

  3. I am imagine I will too when I start wearing make-up! It seems to be another form of art for a lot of people, like nails.


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