4 Hair Makeovers Without Commitment

Looking for a way to freshen your hairstyle, but too afraid of major change? Here are four fun ways to revamp your locks without any long-term consequences.

Getting bangs can change the entire look of your hairstyle without being too drastic. They can help you cover up a big forehead, add dimension to your hair, or emphasize your eyes. If you take the snip and go for straight-across blunt bangs (as seen on fringe-icon Zoe Deschanel), they'll become sideswept by fall and grow out by winter. Too scared to use the scissors? Try clip-in fringe extensions to see if you like the style.
Take a cue from Megan Fox and try a deep side part. This adds a completely fresh look to your normal middle part. You'll look like you just got it cut! Looking for extra volume? Parting your hair on the opposite side you normally do gives your roots extra lift.

(Looking for another way to kiss bad hair days goodbye? Check out our top tips.)

 If you're ready to try out a new look this summer but don't want to commit to a new dye job, test out semi-permanent color instead. Read the labels: some will last several washes, while others will remain only until your next shampoo. This is a great way to test out different shades if you're considering changing your color permanently.

 Wish you had some extra length or a bold streak of color? Try clip-in extensions! These are great to enhance the length of your natural hair, or to add a color strip to brighten your look. You can get affordable synthetic extensions or realistic human hair. Try to get a piece closest to your natural color and texture to avoid looking overly fake.


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