Totally Cute Tankinis

Hey, girls! Sorry it's been a while. To make it up to you, here are some great tankinis that are cute and affordable. Plus, tankinis give you some tummy coverage that you can't get from a string bikini. (And you know we LOVE that.) Believe me, I know how hard it is to shop for swimsuits. I stopped by Target the other day, and they had the cutest bikinis adorned with anchors, flamingos, and flowers. I found a few one-pieces and tankinis, but the bikini-to-tankini ratio is overwhelming. The worst part? The modest swimsuits didn't have flamingos. Soooo disappointing.

I'll admit, I'm not too crazy about animal print pizazz, but can you really beat a $15 swimsuit? I don't think so. I like the striped one because it has a fun neckline and swimshorts. I LOVE swimshorts. The Lord and Taylor suit may be a little bit pricier, but the color and ruching are just sooo pretty. This swimsuit would be super flattering on anyone with a warm or olive skin tone.

Floral swimsuits are pretty traditional, but I thought this Lord and Taylor one was super cute. This one's neckline is quite low, though, so don't try it on if you're wary of showing that much skin. Macy's nautical two-piece looks a lot like the swimsuit I had last summer (and still hold onto, even with the resewn straps, because I love it oh-so-much). The nautical look is really "in" right now, but don't fall for horizontal stripes if you're super curvy because they'll make you look wider than you are. Now, this Nordstrom swimsuit is absolutely perfect for slimming down your waist (or adding some curves if you're a little boyish).

No matter what swimsuit you decide, give it a dressing room test to see if it makes the cut. Lift your arms over your head. Bend over in front of the mirror. Do you need a little more coverage or support in the chest? Will the top fall off when you dive? (That's never fun, trust me....) Would it be better if you had swim shorts or a skirt instead? Make sure that whatever suit you get, you'll love it all summer long.


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    1. Do they have any with ruffles?

  2. Me too, Jessica! I think that's my favorite.

  3. Those are all super cute and modest compared to what most girls wear, but here's a quote for you to ponder: "immodest clothing makes great modest swimwear." Now I think that everyone makes allowances for swimsuits. But ever since last summer, I've been trying not to. I live on a small lake (Like it's litterally my backyard.) So what I've been doing is wearing a bikini, with a workout tank over it, and a pair of baord shorts. And if I end up swimming where I know one of my guy friends will see me, I wear longer board shorts. (Shorter ones are more comfortable and easier to swim in though. Just not as modest.) The wide-strap tank top I got at target did seem a bit too low, so at one point, I took a pair of swim bottoms I didn't wear anymore, and cut the back out and sewed it across the front with the elastic on top so it doesn't gap. It kind of looks as if I was wearing a camisole under it. And since they're both black you really can't tell. It just looks like it was made that way. So anyways, that's how I've been swimming without compromising, and yes the tank top is a little bit tighter then I would nomally wear, but right now I don't have the funds to get a new one.

  4. Melody,
    I think that's a cool idea. I'd have to say I'm not quite that dedicated to modesty, but I love that you're doing something "against the norm". And what a cool DIY, too!


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