What to Wear in an Airport

Going on a trip? Dressing for long plane rides isn’t usually a fun task, but with these guidelines, GFG will get you in the air in no time.

Clothes. If you’re dressed in a way that says you’re cool and prepared, you’ll feel that way, too, so absolutely no sweats or PJ’s. Many girls make the mistake of wearing jeans – the right pair are very stylish but may not be comfortable for long flights when you must sit in place for seven hours. Instead, try some comfy black leggings (I got my long ones from Wal-Mart for $10) or, if you prefer the blue-jean look, try jeggings (leggings designed to look like skinny jeans). As for shirts, a soft lightweight cardigan over a modest tank is comfy, chic, and will work in most climates. (If you’re going to someplace very hot, skip the cardigan and wear a solid-color shirt instead. If you’re going someplace cold, wear a heavier cardigan.)
Shoes. Even Lady Gaga knows sky-high heels aren’t fun in an airport. Please, please, PLEASE don’t wear Uggs, Crocs, or flip-flops, either. Those items are for wearing around the house, not for wearing in public. Leaving your Uggs at home may break your teenage heart, but when you’re thirty, you’ll thank me for breaking the news to you that they aren’t all that attractive (plus, they’re bad for your feet and can cause foot problems if you wear them a lot). What shoes will work for the airport? Many women opt for sneakers, but then they hold up the line by having to untie and retie the laces after going through customs. The best shoes for air travel have always been a great pair of flats. They’re more comfortable than heels, quicker through customs than boots or tennis shoes, and are a classic way to complete your look.
Jewelry. Keep jewelry to a minimum when flying. A simple necklace will be just fine. These items can show up in metal detectors (meaning you have to stop, take them off, then put them back on) so it’s not the best accessory in this case. Loads of jewelry can also be uncomfortable and out of place inside an airplane. It's a basic rule of thumb to leave your good jewelry at home so it won't get stolen. If you must have accessories, try a scarf that goes with your outfit.
Makeup. Keep your makeup simple and tasteful. During and after a flight, you’re tired, sore, and probably feel gross (from the stale air and even staler food, no doubt). This feeling is called jet-lag. Having jet-lag and a pile of hot makeup on your face isn’t pretty. Just wear a good mascara, a pretty lip gloss, and a little pink blush on your cheeks so you won’t look so gray after your flight. If you’re worried about shine control, dab some oil-absorbing translucent powder on your face from your handy-dandy compact.

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  1. Love this! Can't wait for the "what to pack" tips...and for the fall season "what's in" post. I am really eager to read it and hear what you have gotten and the do's and don't you see for fall and winter. :-)


  2. Maggie,
    Awesome! I've almost finished the "Fall Trends" post. Fall fashion is the best.

  3. LOVED this post! I recently traveled by plane and saw how many people seem to think they're at a fancy party and not an airport! agree with you!

  4. Awesome tips! Thanks!
    I'm going to be going on a 16 hour car ride next week, and I was wondering if you could do a post on packing clothes and makeup? Every time I bring makeup, it always ends up cracking and shattering all over my bag. Any tips? :)


  5. I know!! ugg boots not to be worn in public!! I thought I was the only one who thought the fuzzy boots looked out of place on the streets!!


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