10 Ways to be a Role Model

Believe it or not, you are a role model for younger girls. Here are some steps to get you "on a role"!

1. Spend time with kids. You’ll hone in on your babysitting (and parenting) skills and will probably end up having a blast and making a difference in a child’s life.
2. Be an encourager. God wants us to build people up and add value to others.
3. Use kind words. Think before you speak. If something you want to say could hurt someone, don’t say it.
4. Give generously. God wants you to give with a joyful heart and help His kingdom.
5. Respect adults. I know it’s tough, but if you show them respect, chances are they’ll do the same for you.
6. Follow through on your word. When you say you’ll do something, do it.
7. Dress modestly – wear clothes that cover you.
8. Say “thank you”. Everyone deserves a little gratitude.
9. Volunteer. Plugging into your community can change the world. Get involved at your local animal shelter or offer to tutor kids who struggle in an area you’re good at.
10. Be honest. Lying is easy, but honesty will keep you on firm ground.

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