Bright Lips: The New Trend

In 2008, we saw the rising trend of bold eyes and understated lips. By 2009, the trend had taken the world of beauty by storm. Few women left the house without bold mascara and often eyeliner. Sultry, smoky eyes were in, in, in! This year, however, the trend has flipped. While eyes are still kept "smoking hot", they have climbed into the backseat and let lips have their turn in the spotlight. MAC makeup brand has released several new lipstick campaigns with teen fashion magazines, playing with bold color, metallics, paint splatters, and even texture. Bright lips are all the rage right now, and though we have yet to see them in everyday beauty, several celebrities have stepped up to boldly try out the look. The most talked-about look was recording artist Rihanna's dark plum lips. Will this trend continue to flow down to the everyday lives of ordinary people, or is it only a statement for the stars?

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