Sending the Wrong Message?

Candies brand clothing says it supports abstinence and wants to help prevent teen pregnancy, and yet they come out with these. First it was a tee that said "Be Sexy: It Doesn’t Mean You Have to Have Sex". Now it’s this?
I think they’re sending out the wrong messages. Immodest clothing + sexual abstinence = … well, let’s just say the abstinence is forgotten.
It’s kind of like what was happening in the church in Corinth (check out 1&2 Corinthians). The people of Corinth went to church, but their church was really messed up. They had tons of arguments over silly things and they really screwed up. Paul wrote 2 letters to them (1&2 Corinthians), stressing the point that CHURCH + SIN = CHAOS, not God. The people of Corinth were sending the wrong messages to other people about how Christians should act.
God tells us we can’t serve 2 different things. We can’t serve God and money (or wordly pleasures, or sin, or Satan). In the same way, we can’t advertise being sexually pure while wearing shirts that are sexually appealing.
It’s like a vegan wearing a coat with a design that says, "DON’T KILL ANIMALS"…but the coat is made of leopard skin. Do you think people will listen to her when she says not to kill animals? Not anymore.
Wearing a shirt that says premarital-sex is a bad thing is cool…but when the shirt screams "sexy", you’re sending out the wrong message.
I'd like to know your thoughts on this.


  1. Make Sense. It is really sad and confusing. :S

  2. wow, that really is messed up.
    BTW, I posted on next gen.

  3. I clearly understand now. It's not right to be making a statement and at the same time going against it. It's great this post is up hear because it really is helping to clarify the matter. Thanx! <3

  4. Yeah, it's just really sad, because girls may think this is how they can "stand up" for their purity.


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