Scarves from JC Penny

Scarves aren't just for keeping you warm anymore. A matching scarf can make an outfit unique, while a standout scarf can give the element of surpise...and high fashion.

This pink scarf is used to bring bold flavor to this girly peasant top. This top sits off the shoulders, so a scarf is great if you don't feel comfortable exposing your shoulders or bra straps.

Most people don't wear scarves often because they don't think they can pull the look off -- but they can! Since most people don't wear them, scarves are a fresh treat to see when they are worn correctly. Remember that just throwing a scarf on an outfit will NOT make it gorgeous; don't just wear a scarf to say you can pull it off if it doesn't look good with that outfit. Accessories cannot make a bad outfit stylish.

This post is to serve as inspiration for your own wardrobe. Get the above scarves at JC Penny.

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  1. Its really a very popular fashion style to wear scarves with dress. JC Penney has a nice selection of beautiful scarves.


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