Summer Trends 2009

School’s out, Summer’s in. And that means other things are in, too. The latest summer styles are here. Don’t miss them!

White Shorts
Understated, white shorts are so in this year. Top them off with the hot T-shirts below. This year, instead of bottom-hugging shorts, aim for an inch or four longer than last year’s tacky trend. I got my pair of white shorts from Express and love them.

Fitted "Pop" Color T-Shirts
Macy’s has some cute ones in their junior department. They come in colors like neon blue, Kelly green, purple, and red. This is an understated yet bold look because of the colors, and look great when paired with white shorts. If you’re going for a little less casual, pair them with a button-up vest from JC Penny’s. These tees won’t ever go out of style because they can be dressed any way imaginable…(funky scarves, anyone?)

Hydraulic jeans
Get them in Macy’s junior department. They come in cool washes and are distressed for that good ol’ pair of jeans look & feel. Not only that, but they fit perfectly – tight, but not immodest or uncomfortable. You can get long jeans, shorts, and Bermuda shorts (shorts right above the knee, which are really comfy and cool).

Casual dresses (best trend EVER)
We’re bringing girly back with sweet, carefree, casual dresses. Think of running through overgrown meadows in a breezy white dress with your hair blowing back…you can’t help but love this style.

Spaghetti-strap dresses and shirts over T-shirts; tanks & camis
If you love thin straps, now you won’t feel self-conscious when you wear them. Some girls can pull of the style of wearing a T-shirt under such clothes. If that’s not your thing, try wearing a cute tank (try Arizona brand at JC Penny’s) over a "pop color" camisole (also Arizona brand at JC Penny’s). This look is very summery and fun.

Stay away from…peace signs. While trends come and go, style can be found in each of the above items. Peace signs all over shirts, earrings, bags, and necklaces are hot this year (except for the fact that everyone is wearing them) but next year they won’t be so sweet. It’s a fad, and it actually originated back when your parents might have been born – the old hippie days. Back then, rainbows were signs of homosexuality and peace signs were the symbol of a broken cross. If you love peace signs, get them this year – just be ready to toss them out next summer.

For your summer shopping, try Macy's and JC Penny, or post your favorite clothing stores in the comments.


  1. I love these summer looks! They look soooo cute!

  2. White shorts - www.express.com

    T-shirts - www.macys.com , www.jcpenny.com

    Hydraulic jean shorts & jeans - www.macys.com

    Summer skirts & dresses - macys.com


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