GuyTalk: Appearance & Character

GFG: What qualities do you look for in a girl?

"Godliness first of all; a basic knowledge of who God is, and a basic understanding that He is pretty much The Boss. Beyond that, nothing physical matters especially to me except that they take care of themselves... shower, try to dress at least slightly flattering (No ugly sweatpants or baggy t-shirts, girls! Even I don't wear that!)... I mean, nothing on the outside is all that important, except I don't want to feel like I need to shower and shave every time I hug and kiss my hunny. [smile]" - Jacob


  1. lol cute. now when is he going to tell what he really thinks? JK I really like hearing a guy say that appearance doesn't matter (except the shower... i think all girls have that down pretty good though). I don't want to marry a guy who is going to judge every outfit I wear if its not flattering or perfect on my figure. Thanks for your guy viewpoint Jacob!

  2. I totally agree! I love getting a guy's opinion on things. Great job, Jacob!

  3. I makes me smile to here that a guy doesn't care whether a girl is pretty, and will accept her for who she is. You rock Jacob!!

  4. Great!! I agree with Christina, and Fatima, I don't want a guy that wants me to look perfect. Even if I have a bad hair day *giggles* I want my guy to love me no matter what. Great Job Jacob!!!

  5. Jacob is going to share more of his thoughts with us on June 6, 2009.

    Brian also has more to say, as well as a handful of other Christian teen guys who have agreed to let you peek into a guy's mind.

  6. hi guys im Alana and I have a boyfriend named steele and I think what u are saying is true my boyfriend loves me for who I am as a person not what I wear or how I look me and him fit together like a puzzle pice........


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