Getting Fit While Having Fun

I am not good at sports, and I don't like exercise. What can I do to get active?

We must be related, seriously. Obviously, you have to get moving to get active. The best way to do this is to have fun. If you're having a good time, it won't feel like excercise or work, but you still have to be committed to what you're doing.

 Before you begin, set a reachable goal for yourself. I will jump rope 100 times. I will walk all the way to the corner store and back. I will dance to four songs on my iPod. I will ride my bike around the block for thirty minutes. Do something you can handle, but something that would push you just a little. Then set a bigger goal: I will jog to the store and back on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Be specific with what you are going to do so there's no way around it, and commit yourself to completing your task no matter what.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Take a yoga class. Yoga is a slower-paced activity that strengthens your core and teaches you to stretch your muscles to give you more flexibility and balance.
  • Go jogging. Grab a friend or family member and some sneakers and work those legs.
  • Turn up the music. Try making a dance to your favorite songs. This is a fun (and silly) way to get moving.
  • Walk around. Put your iPod on shuffle mode and take a walk around your neighborhood, park, or property.
  • Join Zoomba. This rigorous Latin-style dance class is offered at many gyms. It's a fun way to get some moves and get fit. You follow an instructor's moves and simplify them for your skill level, then tackle complex routines as you become more confident. Bring some water!
  • Skip the commercials. When you're watching TV and the commercials come on, jump off the couch and do jumping jacks, run around the kitchen, or stretch. When your show comes back on, you'll be out of breath but you'll have enough time to recooperate before the next commercial gets you on your feet.
  • Take the stairs. It's a quick cardio workout that kills laziness.
  • Play time! Play with your siblings or pets. They'll appreciate it -- and so will your body.
  • Clean the house. Cleaning your house or bedroom is a great way to multi-task. Turn on some music and get dancing while you vacuum, dust, and sweep.

As always, remember to drink lots of water and wear good walking shoes if you're doing anything physical. Have fun!


  1. Great ideas! Thank you SO much for the tips, I can't wait for your next fitness post! :)

  2. Wow, those are some great ideas! I am honestly pretty athletic, but because I have four younger brothers and this school years going to be hectic, I can't join a sport. So, these are great ways to get active for me. I might buy the zoomba wii game and do that!

    1. They have Zoomba for Wii? That would be so fun!!

    2. Yea they do! You buy the game :) It does sound fun!

  3. Love the tips. I hate sports of any kind, but these look to be so much more fun! Especially yoga and jogging.


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