Quiz: Is He a Prince or a Frog?

Is the guy you like worth keeping? Take this quiz to find out!

1. His friends...
a) are fun, godly guys
b) are typical guys, I guess
c) are troublemakers with a crude sense of humor

2. When he's with his friends...
a) he includes me
b) he tries to include me sometimes
c) he ignores me or excludes me from the group

3. When it comes to school, he...
a) works hard and is resepectful to teachers and students
b) sometimes goofs off, but he's not failing as far as I know
c) only goes to school to socialize

4. Your friends think he is...
a) nice and a good match for you
b) nice
c) a jerk

5. If you could describe him in three words, it would be...
a) kind, godly, fun
b) fun, nice, cute
c) cocky, disrespectful, flighty

6. When it comes to girls...
a) he's respectful and knows how to talk to them
b) he's not always comfortable talking to girls, or he's had a few failed relationships
c) he's more of the "love them and leave them" type

7. When it comes to his relationship with God...
a) he's totally focused on God
b) I'm not sure -- I think he's a Christian, but I could be wrong
c) he's not interested

8. You say: "I have to be home by my 10 p.m. curfew." He would say...
a) "Ok, let's figure out an earlier time to meet."
b) "Can you ask your parents to change your curfew to 11?"
c) "Forget about that. Your parents won't mind if you stay out late."

9. You and your best friend got in a huge fight. He would say...
a) "Maybe things will cool off if you give it time. Call me if you need anything."
b) "It's ok. She's not that cool anyway."
c) "Sorry. Gotta go."

10. His life motto would probably be...
a) a Bible verse
b) an inspirational quote
c) "Life is a party."

11. When you talk to him, he...
a) listens, and keeps the conversation going
b) listens, but changes the subject or ends the conversation
c) doesn't listen

12. Look at the way he treats his mother and sisters. He...
a) treats them with respect
b) doesn't pay too much attention to them
c) talks disrespectfully to them or about them

 Congrats, you found yourself a prince! A guy with good, godly character is often hard to come by. Don't rush into anything. He's a prince -- but if he's your prince, let him take the initiative to get to know you.

 This guy has some princely potential, but he may not be ready for a relationship with you. The best thing to do is continue being friends, give it time, and let God work in both of you. If it's meant to be, it will happen.

It looks like your guy could use some charm school. Investing in a relationship with him will be risky business, and he's likely to leave you heartbroken while he chases after his own interests.


  1. A lot of times in my life, I've thought that if I like a guy, and he likes me back, we were meant to be. But now I realize that there is SO much more to a relationship then that! Now when there is someone I have my eyes on, I let God choose where to send me next, that way, I'm not always trying to force my way into something that just won't work.

    1. So true! Things work out better if we just let God take care of them. :)

  2. Thanks for this, Melissa. It really helped me.

  3. Wow, this was so helpful! My end result described things perfectly. So thank you! :)

  4. Ive liked this guy for a while and this really helped. Thanks Melissa

  5. No problem, girls! Glad this helped.


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