6 Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day is coming, and every year I try to make that day spectacular for my Mother, because she does so much for our family. Here are some easy gift idea's that won't break your budget!

1. A homemade card.
I use to think homemade cards weren't very special, but believe me... they are! They are so special especially to your Mother. It's something that she will cherish forever!

2. A recipe box.
If your Mom loves to cook or bake, this is perfect for her! Use a shoe box or a type of box that you think would work, and decorate it. My favorite way to do this is by decoupage. It's really easy and fun!
3. Homemade jewelery.
A necklace or bracelet made by you is something that your Mom will absolutely adore... And it's a great craft to do with your little sister!

4. Tissue paper flowers.
Tissue paper flowers are a great way to show your Mom you care! They're not nearly as expensive as real flowers, but they are just as pretty and you can spray a bit of perfume on them if you wish for them to be scented. The scent lasts about a day, but unlike real flowers, these can last forever.

5. Breakfast / Brunch.
Mom loves a good brunch! You can either do breakfast in bed, or make a lovely brunch for the family. You may have all your ingredients in your kitchen already - and it doesn't have to be fancy! When I was 8, I made my Mom toaster waffles and pop-tarts for her breakfast, and she loved it because it was from me - not because how good it tasted.

6. Mommy.
This one costs nothing at all, but makes a huge impact. Simply calling her "Mommy" for the day is a great way to make her feel loved!

Remember to let your Mom know you love her throughout the day and this Mother's Day will be spectacular!

-- This post was written by the lovely Grace Ward.


  1. If only I had found this post sooner- so many great mother's day ideas that I never got to use!

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