Book Review: Walls by Ryan Rush

Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever felt like you can’t move forward? Is something holding you back? No matter what life you live, you will always face challenges that can keep you from living out your full potential. Author and pastor Ryan Rush calls these obstacles walls. “A wall is an unhealthy mind-set that keeps you from living life as God intends. They’re right in front of you, like it or not,” he says. “They can block you from the close relationship with God you’ve longed for.” But how can you break through the walls in your life?

Ryan Rush seeks to answer this question in his new book, Walls: Why Everybody’s Stuck (And Nobody Has to Be). He explains how to identify, define, and overcome the walls in your own life, while sharing stories of his personal experiences with his own walls. “Anytime you stop expecting something beyond your current situation, you begin to settle for far less than what could be,” says Rush. “Regardless of the wall you are facing, there is a corresponding promise just waiting to be discovered.”
I believe this book is an invaluable resource for anyone who feels “stuck” in their current situation. It’s loaded with truth about life and God’s promises and how trusting in Him can get you through anything. It’s not about what you’re going through, it’s about your mind-set, and Walls outlines the mind-set that God intended all of us to have.

I recieved this book to review for free from the Tyndale Blog Network.


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