10 Easy Ways to Brighten up any Outfit

Have you ever wished your outfit could be a little less, dull? I know I have! So many times I will put on the perfect outfit, only to find that it is still missing something. Sometimes, jeans and a t-shirt just don't cut it. Here are 10 ways to make your outfit stand out from the rest :)

10. Add Some Colorful Jewelry
This is the most common option, and the most budget-friendly. There are millions of pieces of jewelry, all of them adding a unique touch to your outfit. Here are a few that will stay within a budget and are wearable with both fancy and casual outfits.
Forever 21 necklace: $6.80
 Forever 21 Bracelet, $4.80
Forever 21 Bracelet, $12.80
Forever 21 Bracelet, $5.80

Forever 21 Earrings, $2.80

 Forever 21 Earrings, $2.80
Forever 21 Ring, $1.50

 There are so many types of jewelry, and most of it is budget-friendly. Some of my favorite places to but jewelry are:
Forever 21: Often, I can buy tons of jewelry there for under $10, and even under $5. They also tend to have super chic jewelry :)

 Kohls: They always have some kind of jewelry on sale, and they have more fancy jewelry than Forever 21.
 Claires: Though not always the cheapest, occasionally you can snatch up a minimally priced pair of earrings or a necklace.

9. Add a scarf
 I think each girl should own at least one colored scarf. My favorite scarf is teal with peacock feathers printed onto it. I also have a purple scarf I wear quite often. If you do not own one casual scarf, I urge you to go buy one. Here are a few options:
Forever 21 Scarf, $8.80
 Kohls Scarf, $5

 Claires Scarf, $12

Some of my favorite places to buy these are:
Kohls: If you can hit a good sale, these are usually pretty cheap.  
Claires: I have never bought a cheap scarf at Claires, but they have some oober-cute ones. 
Wal-Mart: Though a bit odd, They have some very cheap scarves, and very bright too!

8. Add a  purse.  
One of my absolute favorites. I have enough purses to feed an army. If the army ate purses that is :) Though bags always tend to be a but pricier than other accesories, I tend to use them much more. Here are a few bright purses for under $25

Forever 21 Coral Purse $19.80

Forever 21 $20.80

Old Navy $10
Old Navy $24.50
Some of my favorite places to buy purses are...
EVERYWHERE!I love purses, my mom has threatened me many many times :) Now really
Mark by AVON. I love their purses though they are pricey, I like them a lot!
Wal Mart. I can almost always find a purse I like there.
Occasionally I like claires and Target, but not all the time.
7. Add some Colorful Shoes 
I LOVE SHOES! I think every female knows this to be true :) There are TONS of bright shoes that match a lot of outfits, and most of them aren't too pricey :) Here are a bunch of options that will make a pair of jeans and a t-shirt look fabulous :)

 Payless $22.99
Amazon.com $17.99 {They have about a dozen colors and I LOVE them :) }

My favorite places to buy shoes are:
Payless. The name is self explanatory 
Target. I have a size 10/11 foot, and target carries that size. There can be miracles...

6. Add some Leg-wear

What kind of leg-wear? Tights, legwarmers, leggings, all these are among the best accessories ever.  I love them. I absolutely adore adding the splash of color other then skin-tone underneath a dress. Not to mention {in most cases} it makes it more modest! Here are a few of my FAVORITE leg-accessories :)

These tights from We Love Colors are oober cute! They have 25+ different colors!$12.50
Amazon.com $16.59
Polka dotted tights, Also from We Love Colors $12.50
Payless $6.99
Payless $5.99

I also have bought legwarmers, tights, and leggings at Target, Claires, and Wal-mart :)

My Favorite places to buy these is:
Target: If you can go at the right time there is generally a good supply.
Claires. $7 for Bright Purple over the knee slouch legwarmers :) 
5.Paint your nails/Add Makeup
This one is the easiest, and it makes a huge difference. It may seem small, but it is very noticeable :) Add polka-dots or paint them two or 3 different colors and they will be noticed! Put two different colors in your eyeshadow (Be careful not to look like a fairy :)
Target $7.50

Mark by Avon $20
Mark by AVON $15

Of course, you can buy nail polish literally ANYwhere.My favorite place to buy it is Target. Target has a ginormous collection and it is OOBER-cheap.
4. Add a sweater
I love sweaters and cardigans of all sorts! There are SO many of these that are so chic, and really versatile! Such as these!

Forever 21 $7.24

Forever 21 $15.99

Old Navy $29.50
Old Navy $24.94
I have to say, Old Navy, Macy's and Kohls are the BEST places to buy these :)
3. Tank tops/Tight undershirts
Tanks tops and under-t-shirts are so simple, and so cute! They not only can brighten an outfit, but they make it more modest! Tanktops with polka-dots, stripes, and lace are incredibly cute with an otherwise-too-low tshirt. Some of the cutest ones are at cheaper stores like Target and Wal-mart, or in stores like Kohls.
Kohls $9
Kohls $5.99

Kohls $5.99
2. Hair Accesories
My favorite way to Brighten! There are literally thousands of options. I Love places like Forever 21 and Claires because they sell Hair accessories SO cheap!
Forever 21 $2.50
Forever 21 $5.80 
Forever 21 $6.80

Forever 21 $6.80
By Far My favorite place to buy Hair accessories is Claires,  They have hundreds. Heavenly
The #1 way to brighten up your outfit is with...
A Smile!
Absolutely Free!


Libbi H.


  1. Awh, I love this post! Thanks for compiling this awesome list. :D

    My personal favorites are bags, scarves, jewelery and SHOES! <3 <3

    Yayyy for camisoles for modesty, too. :)

  2. Do you remember that blue flower head band and the green flower one? The blue one was from Forever 21 and the green one I made(The flower and head band were from the Dollar Tree)! But I think you prbably already knew that. You remember everything! :D

  3. i have teal feather earrings just like that! they really make your outfit pop. :)

  4. Great ideas! Many a bland outfit can be saved by the use of well-chosen accessories, my favorite of which is a smile! Though nail polish and awesome earrings are a close second..... ooo and shoes, don’t even get me started on the glorious-ness of bright shoes!!=)


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