Fall Fashion Trends 2010

Many stylish ladies agree: fall is the best season for fashion. It takes a true fashionista to know what’s in and what’s not. Here are some of the hottest fall trends that will keep you on the best-dressed list.
Oxfords. These old-fashioned shoes aren’t just for your grandpa anymore. Whether they’re gray, brown, or black and white, Oxfords are the “it” shoe this fall, being featured in every ad campaign from Olsenboye to Marc Jacobs and everything in between. Wear them with anything and everything. They put a classic touch on any outfit.
Oversize cardigans. How do you transition your favorite summer blouse into winter or fall? Throw a cardigan over it! These soft, bulky open sweaters work well with almost any outfit. They instantly add a touch of chic and warmth to your wardrobe.
Neutrals. Designers and celebrities alike have ushered in the “neutral-on-neutral” trend. By layering neutrals together in the same outfit, you can create a chic, classy look that tells people you don’t try too hard and that great style just comes naturally to you.
Florals. “Florals for fall? Groundbreaking!” All Devil Wears Prada jokes aside, I’m happy to see spring’s florals pop up in fall runways this year.
Warm colors. “Well, DUH!” you say, and with good reason. It’s fall, so you should definitely bring out those cozy colors. (Girls with olive skin look especially amazing in these.)
High-waisted skirts. Spring’s chic skirts transition into fall-worthy wear with new accessories and other upgrades.
Baggy high-waisted shorts. Tuck your shirts into these cute things just like you would with a high-waisted skirt. In the colder days of fall, wear them with tights or leggings and a comfy coat for a big fashion statement.
Maxi skirts. Long skirts are bigger than ever this fall! It all started with last summer’s maxi dress trend. Miniskirts have had their day and it’s long passed. Cover up your legs and stroll the streets in style.
Hair accessories. We’ve seen a surge of hair accessory madness this year. Put on a hat, pin a big fake flower in your hair, or slip on a skinny headband with a little bow attached. The possibilities are endless and the look is so girly and cute.

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