3 Hot Nail Trends for Fall 2010

Forget the chipped pink polish you've been wearing since fifth grade. This season's biggest nail trends are chic, unique, and perfect for the style-savvy gal.

1. Neutral nails give your manicure a makeover with sophisticated shades of grown-up colors. Think camel, mud, dove, and minx -- names that don't look good on paper but will leave you super stylish in a cinch.

 2. Lacy laquer is a interesting, hip way to glam up your nails. You can try other embellishments as well, like rhinestones or glitter, as long as you don't go overboard.

3. Rocker-glam glitter is all the rage. But instead of your usual flecks of sparkle, models are setting the trend with big, chunky pieces of glitter to add some hardcore drama to any diva's look.

Would you wear any of this season's fierce nail trends?


  1. I have more fun with different colours -- maybe purple and blue, or black and pink... I love making different combinations! But if I had them, I'd definitely add glitter and rhinstones and stuff (Not overdoing it, of course!)

  2. loved this post! i think i like the neutral best, but they're all fun! :)

  3. I'd wear the first 2 but my mom says until I get out of the house no black =(
    Very heartbreaking.
    Thanks for the updates!

  4. Loved this post! Thanks for giving us your tips! I am curious, what color is on your nails right now? I have red...fire truck red, lol!


  5. Emii,
    I love colorful nails as well!

    I know, I love the idea of neutrals!

    That IS heartbreaking! Ask if you can wear navy, dark gray, or dark purple instead of black.

  6. Maggie,
    My nails are a silvery cream color that turn pink in the sunlight, but I'm going to take it off later tonight and paint them chocolate brown (if I get around to it, that is).

  7. I'm not big on the loooong crazy nails like that! But I like to try diff combos on my nails sometimes. Not too big on the rhinestones and "chunky" stuff either, but those stick-on stickers like from WalMart or Target I like alot! Well ttul
    Manda :D


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