Taylor Swift's Dresses

Two posts in one day...WOW! I know that some of you had asked about Taylor Swift dresses. I was excited about working on this topic but the information I was able to find was outdated, from 2009. Taylor did design a chic line of L.E.I dresses exclusively for Walmart, saying she wanted dresses that she would wear at prices every girl could afford. Sadly, you cannot purchase these at the moment. However, you may be able to find some online deals or do some bargain shopping for Taylor's sundresses.


  1. Hmm, I had no idea Taylor Swift was apart of a fashion line (I don't really shop at Wal-Mart) I wish I would have known, I am sure the stuff was cute! I hope it was modest though. Some of the stuff Taylor wears isn't always very modest. I am not saying that everything she wears is immodest, it's just that a couple of her wardrode choices have pushed the modesty standards just a bit.


  2. Maggie,
    It depended on the sundress. Some of them were modest, and some were iffy in that aspect, though none of them were blatantly immodest.

  3. I saw some of Taylor's things last summer at Wal-Mart . the jeans were really cute!

  4. She has a sweet style.
    But I've never really shopped at walmart in my life.


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