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I love blogs. I love my blogs, my friend's blogs...any blogs. Especially when they're about beauty and fashion and any of that awesome visual eye-candy stuff you know you love. So here it is, a list of some stylish blogs I've visited recently and what I have to say about them! (Think YOUR blog should make this list? I'll do more blog features later, so post the link in the comments. Please keep it beauty/fashion/faith related.)

AmandaBeth Online  - This is such a cool blog! She writes about everything style-related, from fashion and home decorating to old-world movie stars (and the occassional and fun "trends I hate" feature). Amanda Flynn's fashion sense is centered on modesty and classic styles. My only complaint is that her fashion sometimes seems to be a little too classic (if that's possible) or old-fashioned...but then she'll throw in something amazing to prove me wrong. She mixes writing and photos effortlessly. A great read, and somehow goes really well with tea.

What I Wore  - What a cute blog! Full of pictures of the writer in everyday (chic) clothes, and so many comments my eyes bugged out of my head. A tinge of jealousy perhaps? A great eye-candy, browse through on a lazy day sort of blog.

DistricT of FashioN - This girl has a serious sense of style. Pairing a maxi dress with a blazer, showing off some great $10 fashion, and keeping her clothes hip and fresh is what this girl's all about. Not much text but lots of pictures of her modeling her outfits. Plus, she loves Forever 21 (which is another reason why I love her!).

Bramblewood Fashion - This blog showcases the writer's sewing (mostly skirts and dresses, I believe) and her conservative, old-fashioned romantic style (full of frills and pink!). Plus, she's a reader (and she commented! LOVE that!) so therefore she is awesome and you should drop by this blog to say hello.

Rapunzel's Resource - A simple tutorial-style blog filled with styles for long hair. She features mostly updos, buns, historical, and vintage styles, so it may look outdated or too old-fashioned, but that's not always a bad thing! You can modernize them to suit your style. The best part? She starts each post with a Bible verse. You go, girl!

If you have or read a stylish blog, let me know and I'll put it up here!


  1. I love going to all three of those blogs! =) You should check out my modesty fashion & sewing blog.


  2. I'll have to check those out! Oh, and i LOVE the new blog design; too cute!

  3. I agree :) I love all three blogs and I think you're new blog design is really cute!

  4. First of all, LOVE the blog design! CUTE! Secondly, I love the fact that you have a modest fashion, Christian girls blog. It's hard to come across something like this. I really like those blogs that you featured. Having a cute outfit and being modest is SO me. I love having cute outfits that are still modest, even though I am currently sporting a cute sloppy pony tail (lol, it's my first day of summer. School just got out for me yesterday).

    I am starting my blog June 1st, so I would love if you stopped by and followed me. I am following you too!


  5. Thanks, girls! I added some more to the list. Ashley, your blog has been added!

  6. Hey guys, I just thought of this great trend we could start! Check it out here:


  7. Hey I have a blog! I would love if you checked it out and let me know what you think. You don't have to put it in your blog or anything, although that would be really cool... anyway, thanks for the links to the blogs, i will check them out. you can check out my blog at courtneysmithmusic.wordpress.com
    i talk about a lot of things, beauty, faith etc. hope you enjoy! :)

  8. Those are all really amazing blogs, good choices.

    Under the leadership of Miss Raquel a group of girls has recently started another new fashion blog, The Christian Fashionista! We'd love it if you stopped by.

    Keep up the great work with your blog!

    In Christ's Love,

  9. My blog is a combination of random stuff about my life, movie reviews, photography, and modest fashion. If you find that it doesn't fit what you are looking for, that's totally fine... just wanted to throw it out there. :-)



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