Cadia Magazine Interview [part2]

Cadia is an online magazine for Christian teen girls. Find out where the editor stands on God, dating, beauty, and more in Part 2 of the interview.

Why is it important to keep God at the forefront of your life?
To me, its important to keep God at the forefront of my life because I strive to follow Him. I am such a sinner who tries to go get off the path God has made for me that I look to Him during that time of need. God helps me and leads me back onto the path.

What are your thoughts on dating?
I think before you begin dating you should pray and ask God when is the right time for you to start dating. When you have gone out with multiple guys through out junior high and highschool, you have given a little piece of your heart to each of them weither you know it or not. It's so easy after you are married to turn back to one of those relationships during a time of stress to remember the "good old days" because those guys still have a peice of your heart. I am praying, and even through the temptation of watching girls my age go out with guys, I am determined to save my whole heart for the guy God wants me to marry.

What do you think about makeup?
These days, make up is used as a cover to take care of "flaws", pimples, blackheads, etc.To me, if you are wearing makeup as a cover or you think you aren't pretty when you don't wear make up, you are using it for the wrong reason. Make up should be worn to enhance the natural beauty God gave to you. I can tell when girls are using it as a cover up and when girls are using it to enhance natural beauty. It makes make up so much prettier when you wear it to enhance natural beauty!

What’s the greatest thing God has done in your life?
What a tough question! It would have to be giving me an amazing family! I love my parents and my little brother. We have had so many amazing experiences and if their is a disagreement of some sort it is always worked out in an organized way. I love that my parents are a role model to me in my faith and that my parents are so honest about what they are struggling with in their faith. I hope my faith can be as strong as theirs one day!

What’s been your biggest struggle in life?
My biggest stuggle in life has been jealousy. I am so jealous of the girls who have the personality that makes everyone laugh and the girls who can walk into a room and instantly start talking and making friends. Even though I am extremely bubbly around my friends, I am some times shy around new people until you get me talking.

How do you keep your prayer time interesting?
I am going to be completely honest, before I started making my prayer time interesting I had to force myself to pray because I "didn't feel like" or "didn't have the time." So I found something to make me more interested in praying and now I am am constantly doing this. I started a prayer journal which is basically like a journal just between you and God. I love to write, so this was perfect for me. It allows me to get my thoughts down on paper and I even doodle little things on the sides like "Lovin' my Jesus" or "Child of the Lord 4 ever".

If there’s one thing you’ve learned in life, it’s:
That when you have been working really hard on your relationship with Christ and you start feeling farther away from Him, it's because your relationship with Him has gotton stronger. I was working so hard on my relationship with the Lord and just kept feeling farther from Him. It's funny how God works because that day during Bible class my teacher said that when you have been working on your relationship with Him and feel farther away from Him, your relationship is getting stronger. Let me explain, when you want to get closer to God, don't you work on particular areas of your life? Well, once you start getting those down (of coarse it will never be perfect :) ) Christ has you identify more areas in your life you need to work on, which means you feel farther from Him. He is doing this because He knows what you are capible of, and you just have to step up to the plate.

How can GFG readers support your mission?
GFG readers can support Cadia by praying for us. We always welcome prayer!

How can GFG readers subscribe to the e-magazine for free?
If you want to subscribe to Cadia, the free online Christian girls magazine, just e-mail us at cadiamagazine@gmail.com telling us you want to subscribe.

If you could say one thing to teen girls everywhere, what would it be?
With God, anything is possible

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