Cadia Magazine Interview [part1]

It all started with one girl's dream to make a "place of peace" for teen girls. Now the editor and creator of Cadia Magazine sits down with me to share her passion, vision, and her message for teen girls.

Why did you choose the name “Cadia”?
I chose the name Cadia while looking up different names online. I didn't have any luck so I thought it might be fun to look up words on a translator to see what they meant in different languages. One things that popped up after I typed in peace was the word "arcadia" which means "a place of peace." I went to Google and typed in "arcadia" and found places with the name "Cadia". I loved the name, so that's what I decided to name the magazine.

What prompted you to make an online magazine for teen girls?
I have always loved writing. From making family newspapers, newletters, and I have even started mini magazines included one that my friends and I wrote for a little while called Girls Rule. So one day during Bible class our teacher asked us to make a list of 5 things we wanted to accomplish while we were teenagers and the first answer on my list was to make a magazine. From there, I started planning out the magazine and getting the word out.

What challenges have you faced so far regarding the magazine?
I have never done page layout and design on a professional program like what we are using. So it has been a major frustration trying to figure it out and get my creative juices running. Many times I have felt like giving up and calling it quits, but then I remember, this magazine is in God's hands and we are doing this magazine for His honor and glory! That fact, that we are doing this magazine for Him keeps me going.

In what ways have you already seen God work through your idea?
God has worked through the magazine in so many ways already! In three days He provided us with 10 staff members, He has provided many different girls and ladies to help us design blog buttons, He has given us almost 300 subscribers, and so much more! It's amazing watching God working through our ministry and we can't wait to watch it unfold more.

Why should young women strive to be modest?

Young women should strive to be modest for many reasons. This answer can also go along with purity. We don't want the way we dress to give guys the wrong idea or be a stumbling block for them. Another reason we should strive to be modest is because in the Bible it says for us to do everything for the honor and glory for the Lord Jesus Christ. How are we giving God honor and glory when we aren't dressed modestly?

What do you consider to be your biggest passion in life?
I have found that I have a huge love for telling others about Christ even if they are already Christians. It gives me an indiscribable feeling when I write something or say something and someone tells me that it helped them learn more about Christ. My newest passion though, is Christian girls magazines. There is such a huge potential to tell others about Him through these magazines and to tell others about Him though Christian magazines.

What does beauty mean to you?
When I read this question, I imediatly thought of inner beauty. To God, it's whats on the inside that matters. True beauty is the beauty inside and that's all that really matters. :)

Stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. Wow! This is wonderful...
    I'm a Cadia staff member... thanks so much for posting about this!! :)

  2. You're welcome. I applied, but I haven't recieved confirmation yet. Fingers crossed. :)

  3. And now you're a staff member! Congrats! I thought that this was your blog! ;-)


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